Psychoanalytic psychotherapy Grodzisk Mazowiecki

I run individual psychotherapy for adult persons. I work in the psychoanalytical setting. Sessions are usually held twice a week.


The content of the sessions, the identity of the patient and everything that he brings to the session are kept secret. The exception is information of which withholding is unlawful. An example of such situations is, for example, the necessity to protect life or health of the patient or othr people.

Clinical supervision

Supervision is a service for psychotherapists provided by other psychotherapists who are authorized to provide it. Supervision consists of analyzing the therapeutic work of the psychotherapist in terms of its quality, compliance with the ethos of clinical work and effectiveness. Therefore, apart from the psychotherapist who develops his competences thanks to supervision, the beneficiary of supervision is also the patient who receives good quality psychotherapy thanks to it. During the supervision, personal information of the patients are not revealed, the analysis concerns the process and the way of work of the psychotherapist.

There is individual supervision, which consists of meetings of the psychotherapist with the supervisor, or group supervision, when the entire team of the psychotherapeutic center is subject to supervision. In the case of group supervision, the psychotherapist who presents his material has the opportunity to hear feedback not only from the supervisor, but also from colleagues, which can be very inspiring. All persons participating in the supervision are obliged to maintain professional secrecy.

Work rhythm and canceling meetings

Psychoanalytic therapy is an intense type of psychotherapy. It is a method of examining the unconscious areas of inner life. Such a process can be difficult because it confronts internal conflicts and contradictions and is full of emotionally difficult internal states. Therefore, it is not suitable for everyone. There are other psychotherapeutic approaches that aim not to learn and resolve internal unconscious contradictions, but to find solutions to mental suffering quickly or at least faster, or ways to alleviate its symptoms. In the psychoanalytical approach, the relationship between the patient and the therapist is very important, as it is a space where different ways of experiencing another human being manifests by the patient. In order to enable this process to develop and secure its safety, there are rules that are supposed to ensure stability.

Meetings are held twice a week. All meetings are payable, regardless of whether they are canceled and with what advance notice. The annual cycle of therapy, apart from breaks during bank holidays, is also divided by a summer break, which lasts from 4 to 6 weeks. usually it is part of July and the whole of August. Patients are informed about the date of the holiday break around spring. Due to the long-term nature of psychotherapy, there may be increases in the rate while its duration. information on this subject is provided at least 3 months in advance.

All rules and principles will be discussed in more detail during consultations leading to the initiation of the therapeutic process.